Genetic Diversity in the Caucasus

In these collaborative and interdisciplinary studies, we are surveying genetic diversity in populations from the Caucasus region to elucidate its population history. Through fieldwork in the region, we obtain genealogical data and DNA samples that are later subjected to mtDNA, Y-chromosome and autosomal DNA analysis.  The resulting data are integrated with archeological, ethnological and linguistic evidence to better situate the Caucasus and its peoples in the history of the peopling of Eurasia. Using this approach, we are attempting to answer a number of questions concerning the population history of the Caucasus, which has some of the earliest evidence of agriculture and metalworking, including: (a) the entry into the Caucasus during the initial out of Africa expansion of modern humans; (b) the nature and extent of Neanderthal admixture in Georgian populations; (c) the degree to which autochthonous Caucasus populations have genetically influenced Eurasian populations; (d) the biological and cultural impact of the Neolithic spread of agriculture into the Caucasus; (e) the interactions between Anatolian and Georgian populations over the past ten millennia; and (f) the relationship between the genetic and linguistic diversity in the region.


A Wedding Procession in Mtskheta. Photo credit: T.G. Schurr


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