Mural in the Department of Genetics at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Photo Credit: T.G. Schurr.

For over thirty years, Dr. Schurr and his colleagues have published a variety of books, book chapters, research papers, encyclopedia entries, and general science articles, most of which are listed below.

For the research papers indicated as coming from The Genographic Consortium, Dr. Schurr was part of this consortium and credited with co-authorship on papers produced by this team.

By clicking on the associated links, you will be directed to the journals in which they were published. Reprints for publications without such links can be requested via email (

For most papers, the original data used for these publications are available in the supplemental materials provided with each of them. In certain cases, the data were uploaded to a data repository identified in a particular manuscript.