Genetic Diversity in the Americas

We have conducted research into the history and diversity of Indigenous populations of the Americas for over 30 years. In addition to generating foundational papers on mtDNA and Y-chromosome variation in Native American groups, we worked with communities from across the Americas in an effort to learn about their lives and histories, and reconstruct the process of the peopling of the Americas.

In 2005, we expanded these efforts through participation in the the Genographic Project. This project was a major international effort to collect population genetic data from over 100,000 individuals around the world over a ten-year period. At the North American Regional Center based in the LMAP, we investigated the peopling of the Americas through genetic studies of indigenous populations in the US, Canada and Mexico, and the Caribbean, with the initial focus being placed on the characterization of mtDNA and Y-chromosome variation in these groups.

Project research was supported by funding from the National Geographic Society, IBM, the Waitt Family Foundation, and the University of Pennsylvania,

Northwest Territories

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Nova Scotia

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Puerto Rico

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St. Vincent & Trinidad

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Dominican Republic

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Genographic Project Photos

North & South American PIs

Genographic Project Gathering in Talinn, Estonia. From left-to-right: T.G. Schurr, Ricardo Fujita, Fabricio Santos, and Pedro Paulo Vieira.

T.G. Schurr at South Naknek, Alaska

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