Molecular Epidemiology

In these projects, we are investigating the role of genetic ancestry on the risk for and incidence of diseases, and particularly different forms of cancer.

HPV & Cervical Cancer in Argentina

Guarani women with children waiting for medical appointment. Photo Credit: T.G. Schurr

Climatic Droplet Keratopathy

Image from Urrets et al. 2005 Am J Ophthamol 141(4): 744-746 (

Prostate Cancer in African and African-American Populations

Photo from Chidebe et al. 2019. The Lancet Oncology 20(11): 1489-1491 (

Ewing Sarcoma

Figure from Grünewald et al. 2018. Ewing sarcoma. Nat Rev Dis Primers 4, 5 (

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