Mitochondrial Diseases

We characterized mtDNA and nuclear DNA-based OXPHOS diseases in Russian and Ukrainian populations to better understand the etiology and mechanisms of the expression of mitochondrial disorders in population-specific genetic backgrounds.

Mitochondrial Diseases in Ukraine

Collaboration with Dr. Elena Y. Grechanina from the Kharkiv Medical Institute to study pediatric mitochondrial diseases in Ukraine.

Political Map of Ukraine with Provinces


Dr. T.G. Schurr Meets Governor Avakov in Kharkiv

Dr. E.Y. Grechanina Talks with Governor Avakov

Discussing the Mitochondrial Disease Research Project in Kharkiv

Kharkiv Medical Institute

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr

Dr. Ekaterina Grechanina Instructing a Student

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr

T.G. Schurr with Kharkiv Medical Institute Doctors

Vlada Gusar

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr

During our visit in 2008, we visited Kharkiv National Medical University, and explored its museum, library and

Kharkiv National Medical University

Image source:

Kharkiv National Medical University Museum

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr

Desk and Study Materials for 1919 Medical Students

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr

During our initial visit in 2006, we had a chance to explore the city of Kharkiv, despite the snowy weather. The following photos provide a brief visual guide to this historic city in Ukraine.

Artists Selling Paintings in City Park Winter 2006

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr

Kharkiv Center of Arts

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr

Pushkin Theater

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr

A View of Downtown Kharkiv

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr

State Radio Station

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr

Annunciation Cathedral

Photo credit: T.G. Schurr


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